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Update your SEAT Alhambra Navi System.

Reach your destination faster in your SEAT Alhambra 7 seater MPV! You can download the latest version of your sat nav navigation map from this web site to ensure that your Navi System sat nav is always up to date. Please, check the current version you have installed before downloading the file.

Navi System update:

The four-digit number 1310 placed at Menu -->  Settings --> System Information stands for the last update that has been released. If the number in the same place (in front of the regional code, ECE in this case) in your Navi System is lower than 1309 your Navigation System is outdated.

In that case, we therefore recommend that you update the navigation data for your Alhambra MPV. You can download the full set of data at once.

Multi Region Map 1:
Israel *, Argentina, Brazil, Frz. Guyana *, Guadeloupe *, Martinique *, Mexico, Turkey * 

Multi Region Map 2:
India *, Chile *

Multi Region Map 3:
Australia, New Zealand, Botswana *, Lesotho *, Mozambique *, Namibia *, South Africa, Swaziland *, Reunion * , Brunei, Indonesia *, Malaysia *, Philippines *, Singapore, Thailand Egypt *, Algeria *, Bahrain *, Jordan *, Qatar *, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman *, Saudi Arabia *, Tunisia *, United Arab Emirates *

All Europe:
Albania *, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina *, Bulgaria *, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo *, Croatia *, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta *, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) *, Moldova *, Monaco, Montenegro *, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland *, Portugal, Romania *, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia *, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine *, Hungary, Vatican City, United Kingdom, Belarus *, Cyprus *

Instructions for performing the update are available here.

MapCare is not available for UK vehicles. Please note that the only way to update the Sat Nav is through the purchase of an SD card from an authorized dealership.

 *partially implemented.

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