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Where freedom begins.

Your style. Your accessories. Your Leon. Now you can have it just the way you like it.

Aerodynamic Kit

You lead the way.

Performance and efficiency combined, the Aerodynamic Kit takes you further. Faster.

Stripe stickers

Fast. Fearless. Fun.

Looking for a touch of race refinement? These transfers are the perfect complement to those sleek lines.

Watch it go

Transport solutions

Want to take it with you?

What do you need for your next adventure? Roof rails mean nothing gets left behind.

Watch it go

Snow chains

Nothing slows you down.

Snow chains help you keep your grip on slippery roads. Easy to attach. Easy to enjoy.

Protective accessories

Forever young.

Just like new. Free from wear and tear. Protective accessories keep your SEAT in top condition. 

Mūsų pasaulinis automobilių asortimentas ir gaminio specifikacijos įvairiose šalyse skiriasi. Apsilankykite vietinėje SEAT svetainėje ir sužinokite daugiau apie jums prieinamų gaminių asortimentą.

Bandomasis važiavimas

Bandomasis važiavimas

Rasti atstovą

Rasti atstovą