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New moves. Same style.

When it comes to great design, there’s no such thing as normal. This is the new SEAT Mii electric, the small city car with an even bigger personality.


What’s your match?

SEAT Mii Electric Candy White
SEAT Mii Electric Tornado Red


SEAT Mii Electric Costa Blue
SEAT Mii Electric Tungsten Silver
SEAT Mii Electric Deep Black


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Available for:

Exterior design

Electrify your look.

A new engine needs a new look. Like the stylish decorative features unique to the new SEAT Mii electric.

Side stickers.

Tarnished grey side stickers add sophisticated style.

Mii electric lettering.

Go forward with the Mii electric logo on the rear.

16″ Atom Grey Alloy Wheels.

Machined alloy wheels improve both look & feel.

Electric exterior mirrors.

Easy-to-adjust mirrors with an integrated indicator.

Alloy wheels

Style on the move.

Wherever you’re going, enjoy the journey with lightweight alloy wheels that feel great on the road.

Urban 14” Wheel cover

Standard in: Mii electric

Optional in:

Urban 14” Wheel cover

Standard in: Mii electric

Optional in:


Connected and in control.

All within reach. The new design features a 5″ colour display, 6-speaker radio, handy smartphone holder and ambient lighting.


Sit back. Relax. And go.

Comfort and style combine in the seats of the new SEAT Mii electric.
SEAT Mii electric side view of front seats
SEAT Mii electric plus side view of front seats


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Standard in:

Optional in:

Sport seats

Sporty is a way of life.

Active lifestyle? Sport seats in the front feature inbuilt heating and an ergonomic design that make every ride easier.

Want to learn more about the new SEAT Mii electric?

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